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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Wasn't the truth good enough?

So I'm poking around the internet, looking for reviews of my book. (Still time to order it for Christmas!) And I come across this page, with the following enthusiastic collection of quotes:
"I can only recommend Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity. Special thanks to Addison Wesley which produced it. Recently I have got Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity, it is very cool. I can only recommend this item. This way I imagined Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity. Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity is very cool, it is worth all the money Addison Wesley wants for this product. Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity was a very nice present when I got it on 20 June, 2003. I was surprised that Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction _ to General Relativity was so nice, Addison Wesley really knows how to please customers."
Impressive indeed, except ... who thanks the publisher for the appearance of a book? And on closer inspection, it's especially interesting that they were pleased to receive their copy in June 2003, since I remember quite clearly that I was feverishly writing Chapter Nine during that time. The actual book didn't appear until October.

It's perfectly clear that these people just make stuff up! They're like Bill O'Reilly talking about Christmas!

Speaking of which, I'm off for the week, so don't expect any blogging. Merry Christmas to everyone, especially you ornery atheists out there.

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