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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
The endorsement race

Since choosing between presidential candidates can be hard, it's often wise to turn to newspaper endorsements to decide how to vote. George W Bush's landslide victory over Al Gore in 2000 can be largely attributed to his over 2-1 lead in newspaper endorsements (an amazing accomplishment for the liberal media, we must admit). This year looks less promising for the President, as John Kerry seems to be kicking his butt in the endorsement race. Even the President's hometown paper would rather see him return to Crawford.

But we have to take into account quality, not just quantity. Before anyone makes any hasty decisions, keep in mind the keen judgment of these world opinion leaders who have looked carefully at the record and come out for Bush:
  • Al-Quaeda is for Bush!
    The statement said Abu Hafs al-Masri needs what it called Bush's "idiocy and religious fanaticism" because they would "wake up" the Islamic world.
    Can't ask for a more clear-eyed policy analysis than that.

  • Vladimir Putin ("Vladimir" to his friends) is for Bush!
    The courageous leader who has brought peace and democracy to a Russian nation still in the delicate stages of post-Communism understands what it takes to be resolute in the face of annoying international pressures.

  • Iran's National Security Council is for Bush!
    The mullahs understand that, loose talk about axes of evil notwithstanding, those Democrats tend to frown upon so-called "human rights violations," which tends to get in the way of sensible realpolitik.
So I'm sure the President isn't losing any sleep. Who needs the Albuquerque Tribune, anyway?

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